+American Horror Story;  +American Horror Story: Coven;  +Fiona Goode;  +Jessica Lange;  +AHS;  +Mine;  

"It’s a cliche, but like all cliches it’s the truth. Your life can change over night, or in a moment."

+Taissa Farmiga;  +Zoe Benson;  +American Horror Story: Coven;  +Coven;  +Mine;  

"The point is in this whole wide wicked world the only thing you have to be afraid of… Is me."

+Fiona Goode;  +Jessica Lange;  +American Horror Story: Coven;  +Coven;  +Mine;  

+i;  +just;  +American Horror Story: Coven;  

There is a house in New Orleans…

+I'm barely breathing...;  +American Horror Story: Coven;  

+FUCK;  +where have u been all my life?;  +American Horror Story: Coven;  

+Evan Peters;  +Kit Walker;  +ahs;  

That time American Horror Story was Glee

+Laughing so fucking hard!;  +AHS;  

I wanna let go.

+television;  +Lily Rabe;  +Sister Mary Eunice;  +American Horror Story: Asylum;  +ahs;  +This episode was so epic. So was this scene.;  +You know... I loved Mary Eunice until the very end... I'm proud of it.;  +Mine;  

+Sarah Paulson;  +Lana Winters;  +American Horror Story: Asylum;  +AHS;  +Gifs;  +Mine;  +Baby I love you so so so.;